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Our Signature Services are
Virus-Proofing and Privatizing Computers

The techniques we use make it virtually impossible for viruses to infect your system, and your privacy is secured. Both free & paid solutions are available 
Try this Free Solution
                         1. Install Mozilla Firefox Browser
                         2. Install DuckDuckGo add-on *
                         3. Install Adblock Plus Pop-up add-on
                         4. Install HTTPS Everywhere add-on
                         5. Install Self Destructing Cookies add-on
                         6. Install BetterPrivacy add-on
                         7. Install Terms of Service; Didn't Read add-on

                         * Funny name, highly effective privacy

See the Privacy Online menu link for more information about Privacy Software and how to Virus-Proof computers. Take control back from Black Hat Hackers that plague us with malware. Paid and free solutions are reviewed. You decide what is best for you.